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  • VeEX™ sweeps CATV networks leveraging IP communications.

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  • Frost & Sullivan Recognizes VeEX’s Technology Development and Acquisition-Based Growth in the Network Deployment and Field Service Market

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  • AT1700/AT1600
  • The AT1700M/AT1600E series multiplexer is a high performance cost-effective broadband RF switching solution. Combined with the AT2500 series spectrum analyzers, the AT1700M/AT1600E multiplexer is the ideal solution for headend testing and return path monitoring.

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  • CX120+
  • Equipped with the same base feature set as the CX100+, the CX120+ boasts the industry’s first Upstream Signal Generator with FEC capabilities as an option.

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  • CX380s-D3
  • The CX380s-D3 is a super-tech installation and maintenance tool for next generation CATV networks. Equipped with a large 7" touch-screen color LCD and intuitive graphical user interface, the CX380s-D3 can be used under all light conditions.

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  • CX380s-D3.1
  • The CX380s-D3.1 is a next generation test solution designed for analog and digital cable TV networks with enhanced spectrum anaylsis, digital channel, DOCSIS 3.0/3.1, Sweep, MPEG analysis and Ethernet test capabilities.

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  • CX380X
  • As part of VeEX's VeSion system, the CX380X features an advanced Spectrum Analyzer, QAM Health, and Burst QAM Demodulator capabilities. The CX380X provides a series of expert measurements for detection of rogue cable modems, enabling identification of potential network-affecting issues.

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