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VeEX® Delivers Industry’s First Combo DWDM + Legacy OTDR

Apr 05, 2023

VeEX Inc., a global leader in innovative test and measurement solutions for next-generation networks, today introduced the availability of the RXT-4113+ combo DWDM + Legacy OTDR for contractors and technicians who require fiber cable certification in various network test environments. As true innovators, VeEX first introduced the DWDM OTDR to the industry only to follow with the first combo CWDM+DWDM OTDR. Now with the RXT-4113+ module, VeEX is the first to offer a combo DWDM + Legacy OTDR that includes 1310/1550 nm for Grey fiber testing and 1625 nm for in- service point-to-point and basic PON fiber testing.

"The new combo RXT-4113+ DWDM + Legacy OTDR makes it easy for splicers and contractors to quickly move between jobs knowing they have the most versatile OTDR in their toolbox. They can address any fiber test challenge that arises without needing to run back to grab another module or OTDR," said Nancy Lee, Director of Product Marketing, Fiber Optics Solutions at VeEX. "By uploading test results to each unique Collection folder in their free VeEX Fiberizer® Cloud account, they can easily share results with their team as well as customers - to wrap up and expedite payment for a job well done."

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