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VeEX offers various 24x7 RF monitoring systems consisting of a server architecture that manages extremely scalable test probes and switch matrix configurations to suit your application and budget requirements. Each system supports real-time alarm notification by email, mobile, and SNMP Traps as well as Multiple client views via Web Browser and Mobile.



The AT1700M/AT1600E series multiplexer is a high performance cost-effective broadband RF switching solution. Combined with the AT2500 series spectrum analyzers, the AT1700M/AT1600E multiplexer is the ideal solution for headend testing and return path monitoring.


The CX180F is a rackmount monitoring system to check the performance of analog and digital channels being transmitted downstream or toward customers across a CATV HFC network.


This rackmount headend system completes the requirement of DOCSIS 3.0 deployment where higher QAM on the return path becomes necessary and mandatory.


As part of VeEX's VeSion system, the CX380X features an advanced Spectrum Analyzer, QAM Health, and Burst QAM Demodulator capabilities. The CX380X provides a series of expert measurements for detection of rogue cable modems, enabling identification of potential network-affecting issues.


The RealWORX Web Performance Verification System allows operators to monitor return ingress levels, analog signal performance, as well as QAM performance and statistics from many nodes using any browser interface. RealWORX compares RF performance against user-set limits and generates an alarm when signal impairments are detected. The system sends alarm notifications by email, pager, or cell-phone, and can report to the NOC via an SNMP trap interface to ensure that the operator is notified promptly when an alarm occurs.


VeSion is a Cloud-Based, One System Platform, integrating RF monitoring systems, advanced DOCSIS Monitoring, DOCSIS Burst Demodulation, Sweep, Ethernet, MPEG, and Workflow and Asset management.