Case Studies

DOCSIS 3.1/OFDM Field Test Solutions

DOCSIS 3.1-powered broadband services present many challenges, and in a constantly changing landscape, can be an uphill battle. Service providers face huge deadlines to deploy capable infrastructure, technicians are intimidated by the technology and complexity of services to be tested, and demanding customers expect better than a satisfactory experience.

When a customer’s D3.1 Cable Modem went offline, the culprit was discovered using VeEX’s Noise Under the OFDM scan, which clearly showed multiple external QAM signals within the OFDM channel. Unaware to the field technicians, these legacy QAM channels had somehow become unmuted. A typical Spectrum Analyzer would not have shown this problem. Removal of this interference source resolved the issue and the affected D3.1 Cable Modems were able to lock to the OFDM channel, getting the subscriber back online.