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With the growing demands for digital voice, data, and high bandwidth multimedia applications like OTT streaming, Cable Operators face major deployment challenges that can affect service delivery and reliability. More than ever, MSOs must fully characterize every aspect of the cable network, from the headend to the home. VeEX offers a comprehensive cable product portfolio to enable network operators to quickly deliver next-generation services and ensure network quality and reliability.



All-in-one installation meters featuring Home Certification Auto Tests with Workforce Automation. Also includes a full breadth of troubleshooting tools with tablet / mobile device support.

  • CX10/CX10+
  • CX100+
  • CX120+
  • CX150-D3+ (red)
  • CX350s-D3.1
  • CX40


VeEX offers a wide selection of products to address your Maintenance needs, including Advanced SLM meters, Optical and Metallic TDRs, Fiber Tools, Sweep, and True Spectrum Analyzers for RF and Optical.

  • CM3000/CM3800
  • CX350s-D3.1
  • CX380s-D3.1
  • CX40
  • FX300

Business Services

Ensure SLA and end-to-end quality of service (QoS) compliance during the installation, verification and maintenance of business-oriented services. VeEX offers a wide range of Access, Metro, Core and Transport tools to help optimize network performance and reliability, to deliver the highest quality services, and to gain and retain subscribers.

  • CX350s-D3.1
  • MX100e+
  • TX130M+
  • TX300s Family


Products geared for the Super-Tech, featuring high-end True Spectrum Analyzers, comprehensive SLM, MPEG Analysis, Proof of Performance Testing, and Optical Tools.

  • CX380s-D3.1
  • CX380X
  • VeSion™


VeEX offers various 24x7 RF monitoring systems consisting of a server architecture that manages extremely scalable test probes and switch matrix configurations to suit your application and budget requirements. Each system supports real-time alarm notification by email, mobile, and SNMP Traps as well as Multiple client views via Web Browser and Mobile.

  • AT1700/AT1600
  • CX180F
  • CX180R
  • CX380X
  • RealWORX<sup>®</sup>
  • VeSion™