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Fremont, Calif., June 06, 2013

VeEX Introduces New VoIP PESQ Server Voice Quality Software.

VeEX Inc., a global leader in Telecom and CATV test solutions, announced the availability of the VoIP PESQ Server.

VeEX’s PESQ Server is a comprehensive software tool for qualifying and monitoring VoIP or ISDN to VoIP voice services. The Server introduces the power of ITU-T P.862 PESQ (Perceptual Evaluation of Speech Quality) algorithm, the industry’s most accurate voice quality measurement algorithm, to live network field testing.

The Server software accepts up to 50 simultaneous connections from compatible VeEX VePAL 300 or 100+ series products, allowing the user to check the impact of impairments such as packet loss, latency, jitter or bandwidth congestion on end-to-end call quality in real network conditions. By comparing a reference VoIP file to its “degraded” counterpart transmitted through the network, the software is able to measure the voice quality as experienced by the end user and produce a standard and easy-to-understand MOS (Mean Opinion Score) on a simple 1 to 5 value scale. Bi-directional measurements are performed in under a minute, while summary and detailed results are displayed for quick detection of problems, and for advanced troubleshooting. SNMP trap or email generation can be configured to automatically alert network managers of low call quality based on user configurable thresholds, making it a fully automated, worry-free solution.

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