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Santa Clara, Calif., May 07, 2008

CX180F Ingress Monitoring System for CATV operators. CX180F

VeEX adds forward path ingress test functions to the CX180 headend monitoring series. The CX180F system equipped with three test ports in a 1U rack configuration is a cost effective solution optimized for small headend deployments. The Reveal CX180F Server and Controller software, an integral part of the monitoring system facilitates continuous scanning of all analog and digital TV channels and permits on demand testing and analysis of forward path QAM levels, pre & post FEC errors and modulation error rates. Alarm detection linked to user defined parameters and thresholds, simplifies the monitoring process. An integrated high performance spectrum analyzer function is used to detect, identify and troubleshoot spurious signals and other in-band ingress sources with fast capture rate and accuracy levels.