Press Releases

Santa Clara, Calif., January 08, 2010

VeEX™ intros multifunctional tester for mature and emerging networks. VePAL TX130+

VeEX has added the TX130+ test platform to its range of handheld access network diagnostic tools. As telecom networks globally undergo a migration from legacy to emerging technologies, many customers have been left stranded without a single, modern and multifunctional test tool to install, verify and troubleshoot both old and new networks - until now.

Equipped with powerful PDH/DSn, Datacom and Ethernet interface options, the TX130+ expertly performs traditional ITU-T/ANSI transmission tests required by large telcos and wireless/mobile operators, Datacom tests for mature corporate customer networks operating "V" type interfaces and Ethernet tests for newer IP-based networks. The TX130+ can also be equipped with ISDN PRI (Primary Rate ISDN) and VF Channel Analysis, critical features for Special Services groups.

John Joo, VeEX's director of product marketing for transport products, commented "As new technology emerges, many test and measurement vendors tend to focus on developing technology-specific products demanded by the marketplace for a given and relatively short technology cycle only. Our goal with the TX130+ platform is to offer customers a single, multifunctional instrument to verify new Ethernet access networks, but not forgetting about the large installed base of legacy PDH/DSn transmission and datacom networks where significant money has already been invested."

The TX130+ is designed for field engineers that need an easy-to-use, handheld, and battery-powered field unit. To simplify and ensure rapid testing, the unit auto-configures itself to the signal detected, minimizing operator involvement.