Press Releases

Santa Clara, Calif., February 11, 2009

2009 Global xDSL Test Equipment Entrepreneurial Company of the Year Award.

VeEX Inc. has been named recipient of this presitigious award by Frost & Sullivan, a recognized global growth consulting company. According to Frost & Sullivan, this award is presented to the test equipment company that has been able "nurture the development of a key technology, and allowed it to grow in a market despite the inherent odds confronting small companies. The award further signifies recognition of the company's identification of a unique or bold product or service solution with significant market potential, and then successfully meeting the challenges that are associated with bringing it to market." Based on research performed on the global xDSL (variants of DSL) test equipment market, the Award is bestowed upon VeEX Inc. for its' vision to develop the VePAL BX100V, a key product that enabled stimulated customer adoption, market penetration and revenue growth despite the odds confronting it in an established industry. The company's first generation DSL product, the VePAL BX100A addressed the testing requirements for ADSL/2/2+ deployments.