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MEF GEN14 – Washington, DC, November 13, 2014

Omnitron Systems, WebNMS and VeEX Showcase Dynamic Service Orchestration Solution for Carrier Ethernet 2.0 Services

Omnitron Systems, WebNMS and VeEX are showcasing their service orchestration solution for Carrier Ethernet (CE) 2.0 Services at the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) GEN14 event in Washington, DC. The MEF GEN14 event organizers selected the solution by the three partners for the GEN14 Proof of Concept Showcase, based on the solution’s innovation and ecosystem collaboration. The focal point of the MEF GEN14 event, the Proof of Concept Showcase, held on November 18 and 19, lets conference attendees witness first hand new technology innovations to help improve end user network services and service provider operations.

On a live, multi-vendor network, the partners are highlighting the benefits of orchestration for elastic delivery of SLA assured CE 2.0 services. The network consists of 10G and 1G protected fiber rings with SLA-assured MEF Ethernet Virtual Connection (EVC) services between multiple end users. The network accepts dynamic service requests from end users through a cloud-based, self-service customer portal, then automates the provisioning and remote activation testing of the requested service in real-time. Again through the portal, the end user receives confirmation of service activation and continuous performance monitoring updates.

Omnitron’s iConverter® Carrier Ethernet 2.0 XM5 and GM4 devices provide the ring, access, aggregation and demarcation infrastructure hardware for this Proof of Concept. Omnitron’s aggregation and NID devices perform the dynamic, on-demand provisioning and activation, fault management and recovery and the real-time performance monitoring over the orchestrated environment.

The VeEX VePAL UX400 Universal Test Platform provides the high-precision, concurrent service activation testing across the 10G and 1G Ethernet interfaces in the Proof of Concept demonstration. The VeEX UX400 platform demonstrates its ability to validate the dynamic bandwidth change triggered by a customer request in the customer portal, while adhering to the CE 2.0 service activation testing and performance monitoring standards. The seamless multi-service activation testing is possible due to the UX400’s high density of test ports that range from 10M to 100GE, combined with the flexibility of launching individual or concurrent tests by local and remote users.

The WebNMS Carrier Ethernet Solution orchestrates the multi-vendor network, providing agility through the automated creation, provisioning and activation testing of the end-to-end, elastic EVC services. The WebNMS SLA Customer Portal acts as an end user portal accessible via web-interface or a mobile app. It uses RESTful APIs to dynamically provision service and delivers continuous performance and fault monitoring updates.

In this Proof of Concept, Omnitron, WebNMS and VeEX show how orchestration technology, a core tenant of cloud and SDN services, complements the well-defined CE 2.0 services standardized by the MEF to deliver benefits to end users and providers.

End users benefit from the elastic, assured services and continuous insight into their performance through a convenient easy to use portal. Service providers benefit from the Orchestration of existing services that improves their operational efficiency by automating the manual labor of processing service requests, provisioning a complex end-to-end network and assuring performance for their end users. While improving the service fulfillment experience, providers can now increase customer satisfaction and retention and prepare to introduce new revenue generating services including those based on SDN and NFV.

Representatives from all three partners will be at the Proof of Concept Showcase. Each partner also has an exhibit floor booth, providing more details on their respective products: Omnitron – Booth #332; WebNMS – Booth #403; VeEX – Booth #430. More conference details are available at:

About Omnitron Systems

Omnitron Systems is a leading innovator and manufacturer of MEF certified CE 2.0 10G and 1G aggregation and demarcation devices as well as Optical and TDM Multiplexers for business, mobile backhaul, WiFi and small cell services. Omnitron’s products are deployed by MSOs and Telecoms worldwide. For more information about Omnitron please visit, or contact by email:, or by phone: 800-675-6410 or +1 949-250-6510. iConverter® is a registered trademark of Omnitron Systems Technology, Inc.

About VeEX

VeEX® develops innovative test and measurement solutions for next generation communication equipment and networks. Founded in April 2006 by test and measurement industry veterans, VeEX products blend advanced technology and vast technical expertise with the discerning measurement needs of customers. For more information about VeEX, please visit

About WebNMS

WebNMS, the telecom software division of Zoho Corporation, specializes in platforms for network management, element management, service orchestration and workflow orchestration. WebNMS builds these solutions on flexible, extensible frameworks for network service providers, managed service providers and network solution vendors. With more than 25,000 deployments across the globe, the flagship WebNMS Framework is the most preferred and reliable multi-vendor management solution in the market today.

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