Press Releases

Santa Clara, Calif., November 16, 2010

VeEX™ sweeps CATV networks leveraging IP communications.

VeEX has added Return Path sweep capability to its’ CX350, CX380 and CX180R CATV products. Both CX350 and CX380 field portable analyzers equipped with Upstream Generator are able to initiate a sweep test from a field test point (Hub, Node) and synchronize with a companion CX380 portable or CX180R rackmount analyzer located in the Cable Headend. The Headend analyzer in turn transmits the received sweep level data back to the field portable devices using IP communication over Ethernet or UMTS connections or other Internet enabled networks. The Remote View option that facilitates the field view of Headend upstream measurements, also enables field technicians to view return path Ingress measurements performed at the Headend location, greatly enhancing and simplifying DOCSIS 3.0 troubleshooting.