Press Releases

Santa Clara, Calif., January 19, 2011

VeEX™ adds IPv6 testing to Ethernet test platforms.

VeEX announces the incorporation of IPv6 test capabilities in its TX and MX Transport and Ethernet test set portfolio.

IPv6 adoption, implementation, and verification have fast become a reality among Service Providers, due to a sharp increase in personal computing, gaming consoles, and web-enabled Smartphones that have pushed the IPv4 address pool to the brink of depletion.

As IPv4 to IPv6 versions are expected to coexist in the network for the foreseeable future, testing both implementations doesn’t have to be a challenge for operators thanks to this new development.

The IPv6 test suite is included in all new Ethernet product shipments, and is being offered as a no charge software option to hardware-ready platforms to thousands of VeEX customers globally.