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Fremont, Calif., July 23, 2013

VeEX Introduces New TX300 One Way Latency Measurement Option.

VeEX Inc., a global leader in Telecom and CATV test solutions, announced the availability of the GPS-synchronized one way latency measurement for its TX300 test set.

With service offerings for mobile backhaul, PTP (Precision Timing Protocol), voice, video transport, and financial high-speed networking all demanding very strict latency limits, latency measurement has fast become one of the most critical service performance metrics for packet networks.

Traditionally measured by evaluating the round trip latency of test frames looped back at the network far end, that method did not offer the capability to measure asymmetries between forward and return paths. For example, PTP applications like 1588v2 have low tolerance for path asymmetry, requiring latency verification. The new TX300 option solves this problem by adding the capability to accurately measure the end-to-end traffic delay between two geographically-separated TX300 test sets, synchronized via GPS, to independently report the exact frame delay in the forward and return paths. Combined with its multi-stream throughput test functions, the TX300 solution accurately ensures that all Classes of Service meet their Service Level Agreement requirements.

This functionality is available as an option for TX300 units, contact customer care for availability. To learn more about VeEX products, visit