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Remote Test Unit (RTU) Expert

RTU Series

VeEX’s Remote Test Units (RTU) are self-contained, scalable test and monitoring probes for communications networks. When used as part of the VeSion cloud-based monitoring system, these rackmount probes are optimized to work with a centralized server system. In addition, the probes can be operated in standalone mode via web browser.



The OX-MPO-12 is an ultra-compact, multi-fiber optical switch designed to operate with VeEX OTDRs. Optimized for high-density fiber test applications where MPO/MTP cables need to be tested using an OTDR equipped with a single fiber output.


Part of the VeSion™ cloud-based system, the RTU-300 platform with the RTU-320 module tests Ethernet/IP network performance. Features include dual plug-in module support with up to four dedicated test ports for optimized testing.


The Remote Fiber Test System (RFTS) comprises the RTU-4000 platform with the RTU-4100+ OTDR optical test module. The RFTS monitors optical fiber infrastructures in Core, Metro, Access and FTTx/PON networks, improving workflow and reducing Mean Time to Repair (MTTR).


Part of the VeSion™ system, the OX4000 series optical switches provide reliable, fast, and repeatable performance. Units can be controlled via built-in keypad or remotely via RS232 or Ethernet Remote Fiber Test Systems (RFTS).


VeEX® OXA-4000 series optical test access unit is used with the RTU-4000 fiber probe to support network monitoring of dark or in-service fiber networks. The OXA-4000 provides reliable, fast, and repeatable performance and is controlled via RTU-4000.