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Cloud-based License Management Service

VeExpress (US Patent 9,900,393) is a centralized (cloud) service hosted by VeEX, which allows its customers to seamlessly manage the software licenses for their geographically-dispersed fleet of test equipment and users. The basic service is provided free of charge, with the purchase of supported test sets, and allows users to:

  • Purchase licenses: Retrieve newly purchased test features directly to the test set (new functions become immediately available)
  • License sharing: Release existing licenses from one test set, back to the company’s common pool, so it can be immediately retrieved by another user who needs it
  • Rent licenses: Temporary licenses can be leased from VeEX to support special projects or for newer technology trials
  • Keep test sets up-to-date: Download and update platform and modules’ software directly from the server to the test set

VeExpress helps manage and share test features from a group’s license pool, whether those options are purchased, leased-to-own, or rented temporarily. It also helps keep all test sets up-to-date with the latest SW versions available. Tracks all deployed hardware and software options.

VeExpress consists of three main elements:

  • Cloud servers hosted by VeEX, at no extra cost
  • VeExpress client built into RXT-1200, TX300s, MTTplus test platforms
  • Account administration website. (Customers’ organizations decide whether to have a designated VeExpress Group Administrator or not)

Connection to VeExpress is not required for the test set to operate.

Minimize CAPEX and optimize OPEX by managing your test set fleet with VeExpress. Modern test and measurement platforms provide all-inclusive multi-purpose test hardware at a lower cost, enabling/disabling test features and capabilities as needed in the field via software licensing. VeExpress provides the tools to manage owned or rented test set licenses (test functions) in a seamless, automated (behind the scenes) and real-time fashion.

Stop purchasing test sets loaded with extra features, or place multiple orders for the specific needs, configurations, and applications of each group of users. Reduce CAPEX by purchasing what’s really needed on daily basis and proactively managing your software and hardware assets. Share and/or rent licenses that are not commonly used or on a per-project basis.

Test Platforms Supporting VeExpress

Peer-to-Peer License Sharing

Sharing test features among teammates should neither be a dream nor a nightmare. It should be easy and quick. That is why VeEX offers an option for peer-to-peer license sharing in its cloud-based VeExpress service. It expedites the entire process and VeEX customers benefit from the added flexibility and agility. To learn more, read this Application Note.

Basic VeExpress services are offered, free of charge, to VeEX customers and users. It is up to each customer’s organization to decide whether to use the service or not.

Note: VeExpress servers and clients don’t collect, track or store users’ personal information, location or test results’ data. No registration is required.