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400G Multi-Protocol Module


The MPM-400G Multi-Protocol Module is specifically designed to meet the test and measurement challenges of developers and early adopters of 400G ASICs, CFP8 optics, transport/switching modules, and service delivery.


  • 400G test module with native support for 400G CFP8 pluggable optics
  • 400G Ethernet testing per IEEE 802.3bs (16 x 26.5625G/425G)
  • Provides all the necessary features to test CFP8 modules and the 400GE data pipe
  • Advanced and flexible FPGA based test module provides future proof hardware support for emerging standards
  • The advanced pluggable hardware module supports easy field installation in deployed MPA chassis with existing 10G and 100G test modules


  • Comprehensive 400GE test applications for layers 1-3
  • Full rate 400GE BERT, throughput and frame loss measurements
  • PCS & RS-FEC layer testing with skew generation and analysis
  • Service disruption time measurement
  • CDAUI-16 16x25G signal integrity testing with multi-lane unframed BERT
  • CFP8 & MDIO verification including CFP8 Module Health check feature
  • High speed lane clock stressing/analysis and optical power level verification