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6x Port 100G QSFP28 Multi-Protocol Module


The MPM-600G Multi-Protocol Module is an advanced multi-port QSFP28 test module for high density 40/100G and next-generation OTUCn & FlexE applications.


  • Advanced 6x QSFP28 port module for next-generation test applications
  • Supports 6x fully independent 40/100G tests. Each port may support independent user, port rate, protocol mode, and transmit reference clock
  • The MPA chassis supports up to 2x MPM-600G test modules which provides 12 independent 40/100G test ports in a 1U chassis
  • Provides advanced test mode operation for next generation applications such as OTUCn and FlexE which require multiple PHY ports to be used in parallel for a single test application
  • Advanced and flexible FPGA based test module provides future proof hardware support for emerging standards and test applications
  • The advanced pluggable hardware module supports easy field installation in deployed MPA chassis with existing test modules


Ethernet/IP Traffic Generation & Analysis

  • 100GE, 100GE IEEE 802.3bj Clause 91 RS-FEC for SR4, & 40GE
  • Full line rate layer 1-4 multi-stream, throughput, frame loss, latency, packet jitter, and BERT characterization
  • PCS & RS-FEC layer testing
  • RFC 2544 & Y.1564 compliance testing
  • Service disruption time (SDT) measurement

OTN Traffic Generation & Analysis

  • OTU4, OTU3, OTU3e2 & OTU3e1
  • OTL, FEC & OTN layer testing
  • Complete overhead/trace generation and analysis with byte capture
  • Thru mode with error & alarm stimulus testing
  • Service disruption time and delay measurements

OTCn Traffic Generation & Analysis

  • OTUCn (n=1-6)
  • OTLC.n, FEC & OTUCn layer testing
  • Complete overhead/trace generation and analysis with byte capture
  • Service disruption time and delay measurements

FlexE Traffic Generation & Analysis

  • Testing of FlexE Shim/Calendar, MAC clients and 100GBASE-R PHY
  • 5G, 10G, 40G & Nx25G (25G, 50G, 75G, 100G) MAC client
  • MAC client rate analysis
  • Shim and calendar layer control/testing
  • FlexE overhead and multi-frame manipulation with error/alarm generation and detection
  • Intrusive Pass Thru mode allows FlexE Shim overhead layer errors and alarms to be inserted into live network traffic for error/alarm response testing

Physical Layer Analysis

  • QSFP28 transceiver verification
  • High speed lane clock stressing/analysis and optical power level verification
  • Unframed BERT for signal integrity testing
  • Transceiver module health check feature
  • Transceiver I2C read/write testing
  • QSFP28 module 3.3V power adjustment and monitoring