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ASA 312

Network Information Computer®

The Digital Lightwave* (DLI) ASA-312® is a scalable test solution for verifying and qualifying the performance of today’s multi-protocol global communications networks, covering SONET, PDH/DSn & ATM testing. With a flexible software/firmware-based architecture, the scalable ASA-312® combines in a single platform the multitude of traditional hardware-based test sets required to install, maintain, and monitor high-speed multi-protocol networks. The ASA-312® is designed to grow as your network grows, and as technologies change.


  • Allows in-the-field calibration. Eliminates the need to return unit for calibration. Two-year calibration interval period.
  • High resolution VGA color touch screen. Extremely easy-to-use, menu-driven graphical user interface, controlled by either touch screen or mouse.
  • Complete DS1, E1, DS3, SONET, and ATM test sets in one portable unit. Each test set can be used independently and simultaneously.
  • Portable small light-weight design
  • Prints all data and graphic screens. Supports HP LaserJet, HP ThinkJet, IBM ProPrinter, Epson FX, Seiko DPU-411, ASCII.
  • Allows programming of criteria and time interval for Pass/Fail testing. All settings and programs can be saved/recalled for repeated in-the-field testing.
  • Serial, Modem, or Ethernet: Remotes all functions to PC via serial or modem connection. PC software provides the identical screens with mouse input control.
  • Allows Storage and Recall of test set’s current results (every screen).
  • Users field upgradeable via serial port, modem, or Ethernet connection.
  • Cross-connects and multiplexes independent test sets internally via a patented switching fabric providing true control of multiple test sets in one unit.

* Digital Lightwave (DLI) was acquired by VeEX in 2016 and it now operates as a wholly-owned division of VeEX Inc.