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Return Path Monitoring System

All-in-One Return Path Solution

The VeSion™ Return system monitors the return path for noise, UCD and ingress that interfere with DOCSIS communications. With DOCSIS 3.0/3.1 deployments, higher order upstream QAM modulation and channel bonding are more vulnerable to ingress and should be monitored continuously to ensure peak performance.

As part of the VeSion system, the CX180R sets new standards for form factor and performance. The space saving 1U rack mount unit integrates multiple DSP based test resources dedicated to 10 nodes in each system. Each CX180R unit supports three different test modes simultaneously and independently. In ingress scan mode, fast transients can be identified at a scan rate of up to 250ms per node. In spectrum analyzer mode, on demand RF signal analysis using optimal programmable RBW and dwell time can be performed.

View and Manage Your Network All in One Place

VeSion is a cloud-based asset and workflow management system for managing and optimizing workflow for centralized engineers, managers, and field technicians.

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  • Low system entry cost
  • Space efficient 1U rackmount with built-in matrix switch
  • Factory calibration - eliminates unexpected insertion loss introduced by external matrix switches
  • Flexible distributed architecture with VeSion system for easy expansion, increased reliability, and reduced system down time
  • Secured IP connection for access from any location with Internet connection via web, VeSion mobile application for Android or iOS, or VeEX portable test sets
  • Three independent test resources for non-blocking monitor scan and two on-demand tests.
  • Interfaces with VeEX portable test sets to enable Sweep, Ingress and Digital Signal measurements for complete single person Return Path troubleshooting and maintenance


  • Frequency range analysis 4 to 245 MHz with CX180R-240M IGM hardware type; 4 to 85 MHz Frequency range with CX180R IGM*
  • Adjustable RBW at 125 kHz, 330 kHz, 1 MHz that captures fast and low level transient ingress
  • Fast spectrum analysis to capture bursty upstream cable modem signals and noise spikes
  • Advanced QAM analysis supports QAM-16/64/128 upstream signal formats
  • Return Path QAM measures MER, pre/post BER analysis and display of Constellation diagram
  • Return Path Sweep and Balancing with VeEX portable test sets
  • Expandable Server software for archiving return path measurements for post review and analysis
  • User programmable alarm thresholds to generate alarm tickets by email, SMS, SNMP and Syslog

Note: Standard frequency range is 4 to 65 MHz and can be extended to 85 MHz with software options.