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DS3/DS1 Module


Part of the VeEX Modular Test Toolkit (MTT) family of products, the MTT-24 test module provides comprehensive transmission testing for both T3 and T1 circuits. With dual receivers at DS3 and dual TX/RX interfaces at DS1, the powerful test module is suitable for installation and maintenance applications on high-speed DS3 links. In addition, the MTT-24 is small and cost-effective, providing flexibility and protecting your investment for future growth. Also supported in the RXT-1200 platform.


  • Dual DS3 receivers for bidirectional monitoring with Dual DS1 Drop
  • DS3 point-to-point measurement
  • Dual DS1 interfaces for dual BERT
  • Fractional T1 (Nx56k and Nx64k)
  • Mux/Demux Testing
  • Error Injection and Alarm Generation
  • View Received Data
  • DS1 In-Band and ESF Data Link loop commands
  • DS3/DS1 Stuff-bit loopbacks
  • DS3 and DS3/DS1 FEAC loop commands
  • Intelligent span control supporting addressable repeaters
  • HDSL Span Control
  • CSU/NIU Emulation
  • Propagation Delay
  • VF Call Dialing and Analysis
  • ISDN Call Setup and Monitoring