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Datacom/DDS Module


Part of the VeEX Modular Test Toolkit (MTT) family of products, the MTT-9 test module can be used for all your serial Datacom testing requirements, including DTE/DCE emulation for end-to-end testing of data networks, bidirectional monitoring for a greater level of troubleshooting for data networks, FOX testing for Frame Relay CIR verification, and Frame Relay Ping testing for link connectivity. Also supported in the RXT-1200 platform.



  • DTE/DCE emulation
  • Bidirectional monitoring with Y-adapter
  • V.35, RS232, RS449, RS530, X.21
  • Data rates from 2400 bps to 2.048 Mbps
  • Bit error rate testing with stress patterns
  • Control lead status monitor for CTS, RTS, DSR, DTR
  • Received data display
  • Frame relay UNI/NNI testing

DDS 4-Wire

  • CSU/DSU emulation
  • Bit error rate testing on a primary channel
  • Loopback testing
  • Received data display