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Dual Port 400GE QSFP-DD PAM4 Module


This advanced module provides up to 800G of throughput to address the high capacity testing demands of the next generation PAM4 Ethernet/transport market.

Supporting 2x simultaneous and independent 400G QSFP-DD ports along with 2x QSFP56 and SFP56 ports the MPM-400AR module delivers both convenient and flexible testing capabilities for a wide range of optical transceivers, port and data rates all in the same module.



  • Network equipment, systems, and IC development
  • Transceiver validation
  • Design verification and system testing (SVT)
  • Production and manufacturing test
  • Network verification and service delivery

Key Features

  • 2x 400G port Ethernet testing per IEEE 802.3bs
  • QSFP-DD transceivers and cables with I2C read/write up to power class 8, >14 watts
  • 8x50G PAM4 400GAUI-8 electrical interface
  • Physical layer & PAM4 signal integrity testing
  • Comprehensive KP4 FEC layer stressing and analysis
  • MAC/Ethernet/IP layer throughput & traffic verification
  • Multi-Lane Unframed BERT/PRBSQ PAM4 pattern testing
  • 2x port QSFP56 & 2x SFP56 ports for additional testing capability


  • The MPM-400AR is based on an advanced programmable native PAM4 FPGA design which provides best signal integrity and future proof hardware to support current and emerging testing applications.
  • Supporting multiple test automation APIs including native Python provides NEMs R&D/SVT labs, manufacturing, and service providers with a comprehensive all-in-one toolset for verification of next generation PAM4 Ethernet/transport technologies.
  • The 400G MPM-400AR may be used in the modular MPA platform with existing 10/100G application modules providing simultaneous, independent, multi-port test capability from 400Gbps to 10Mbps.