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Dual T1 Module


Part of the VeEX Modular Test Toolkit (MTT) family of products, the MTT-8 provides a complete set of testing capabilities, from cable installation and maintenance to protocol monitoring. It offers a full suite of tools for testing T1 circuits including pulse mask analysis, frequency and signal level measurement, error detection, alarm monitoring, voice frequency, and loopback control. Also supported in the RXT-1200 platform.


  • Full duplex T1 testing - bidirectional monitoring
  • Frequency and signal level measurement
  • CSU and NIU emulation and loopback control
  • HDSL span control
  • Intelligent repeater control
  • ESF facility data link
  • Voice frequency monitoring
  • Pulse mask analysis
  • MF/DTMF/DP dialing and analysis
  • ISDN PRI call setup and analysis
  • GR-303 analysis
  • SS7 protocol analysis
  • Frame relay testing
  • DDS testing