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Fiberizer Desktop Plus

Fiberizer Desktop Plus is a Windows PC software solution to support management of optical test data; post-processing data and integrated report generation: OTDR, link map, GPS coordinates, OLTS (loss and ORL), connector inspection captured images.

  • OTDR Viewer with 2-PT Loss, LSA Event Loss, Reflectance and ORL – View saved OTDR trace file (.sor) in unique window viewing tile. Use 2 Markers and Event Marker to check measurements manually.
  • Display V-Scout Linkmap
  • Select and Overlay/Preview OTDR traces (.sor) on viewing Window
  • Event Analysis – Use LSA loss markers to insert/delete event(s), reflective or non-reflective, on Event Table
  • Analysis – Change thresholds and re-analyze to update event table.
  • Trace Modeling to create Reference Trace or Trace Profile
  • Apply Templates Generate test report (excel or pdf) for single, multiple or Bi-Directional test results using User define Viewing Window
  • Merge test reports capturing using OTDR, OLTS, and FiberScope
  • Show GPS coordinates when saved and location photo if available
  • Show Test Location on street map if GPS coordinates saved.
  • Synchronize PC and Cloud files
  • Share test results to team members
  • Generate network scheme

  1. Overlay
  2. Trace+Event Table
  3. FX45 Bi-Dir Report
  4. OTDR Bi-Dir Testing
  5. V-Scout Link Map

To view Fiberizer Desktop Plus videos, click here