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Fiberizer Scope

Windows PC software designed to work with a variety of VeEX Fiberscopes (VS-500, DI-1000, etc.). Use Expert Viewer mode to view connector end faces for contamination, dents and/or scratches. The PRO version software provides Pass/Fail Analysis in accordance to IEC-61300-3-35 standards. Save images in .jpg files format or save Pass/Fail .pdf report.

  1. Inspect end face of optical connectors
  2. Test results

  • Inspect end face of optical connectors for contamination/dent/scratches
  • Pass/Fail Analysis per IEC 661300-3-35 Edition 1.0
  • Generate Test results report
  • Merge Connector results with OTDR or OLTS test results using Fiberizer Desktop Plus PRO

  1. Scope Pass Image
  2. Scope Failed Image
  3. Failed Table
  4. Saved Image
  5. PDF Report

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