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OSP+ Module


The MTTplus-522 Outside Plant (OSP)+ Expert Module combines key copper verification features with DSL/ modem emulation. It is designed for Service Providers deploying broadband services over a DSL or access network.


  • Modern, modular test platform with a growing range of available test modules covering legacy and modern Access (copper and fiber), FTTx, Metro, Carrier Ethernet and Transport technologies
  • Test set connectivity via USB, Ethernet, WiFi, and Cellular
  • Fast and efficient test results transfer to USB memory stick
  • Built-in GPS option
  • Built-in camera option for job site documentation, QR, and bar code
  • Small package and light weight
  • Field replaceable battery pack
  • Large LCD touch screen and ambient light sensor
  • WiFi Wiz with InSSIDer SSID Analysis
  • Fiber Optic Tools USB accessories support: Digital Fiber Inspection Scope and Optical Power Meter


  • XTU-R and FTU-R CPE Emulation for, VDSL2 up to Profile 35b, and ADSLx
  • Key DSL/ metrics including Data Rate, SNR Margin, and line errors
  • Fault identification and location with TDR and RFL
  • DC/AC Voltage, DC Current and Capacitance Open Meter
  • Resistance and Leakage
  • PSD Spectrum and Impulse Noise
  • Longitudinal Balance
  • Impedance Detection & Location
  • Wideband Insertion Loss
  • VF Noise