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Optical Test Access Unit

Part of the Remote Fiber Test System (RFTS), the OXA-4000 series optical switches is used with the RTU-4000 fiber probe to support network monitoring of dark or in-service fiber routes on existing networks. The OXA-4000 provides reliable, fast and repeatable performance and is controlled via the RTU-4000.


  • 1x8, 1x16, 1x32 and 1x128 configurations available
  • Compact and powerful, 1U tall and 280 mm deep for 1x32
  • Flush or 4-inch recessed rack mount bracket options
  • Controlled and powered by the RTU-4000 via DB25 interface
  • Front access, high quality SC/APC or LC/APC connectors
  • Optional dual input switch ports to support dual test modes
  • Up to 32-channel WDM option
  • High reliability and lifetime > 10 Million cycles
  • Available with or without integrated FWDM


  • Low insertion loss
  • Wide and flat passband
  • Fast switching time, < 8 ms for adjacent channels
  • Protocol and bit-rate independent
  • Single mode fiber support
  • Low reflectance and ORL
  • Available in various form factors
  • FWDM compatible with data traffic in C and L band and in-service OTDR monitoring using 1625 nm or 1650 nm