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  • UX400

2.5G Module


Adds lower rate testing for OTU1, SDH, SONET, legacy PDH and DSn/T-carrier interfaces, is a perfect, complement to the UX400R, increasing its port density and enabling a full range of link testing, capabilities from DS1/E1 to OTU4.



  • Dual SFP optical ports supporting OTU1, STM-0/1/4/16, OC-1/3/12/48 bit rates
  • Dual unbalanced ports (BNC) for E1, E3, E4, DS1, DS3, STS-1, STM-0e and STM-1e
  • Dual balanced ports (RJ48 or Bantam) for E1 and DS1
  • Single or dual BERT capabilities
  • Each port can be independently configured and operated
  • Coupled or independent Tx and Rx
  • Flexible wavelength and bit rate options using industry standard SFPs
  • Optical power, level and frequency measurements
  • Payload mapping according to ITU-T G.707 rec.
  • Concatenated payloads
  • Full rate E1, DS1, fractional N/M x 64 kbps or 56 kbps testing
  • PDH analysis with Sa bit generation
  • Non-intrusive pulse mask analysis at E1, E3, DS1, DS3 bit rates
  • Bit error and performance analysis per ITU standards
  • Error and alarm generation and analysis
  • Section and path overhead monitoring, byte decoding
  • Path trace generatoin and analysis
  • Tandem Connection Monitoring
  • Pointer generation and analysis
  • Service disruption testing and APS
  • Histogram and event analysis for errors and alarms
  • Round trip delay on all interfaces and payload mappings
  • Jitter/Wander Analysis (E1, E3, DS1, DS3 and STM-1o, OC-3)