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  • UX400

40G Module


The UX400-40G module, with its physical interface for OTU3, STM-256 and OC-768 testing, adds to the UX400’s full range of link and service testing capabilities for a complete DS1 to OTU4, in a single compact unit.


  • Single-slot test module
  • UX400 platform supports two UX400-40G modules operating simultaneously
  • Built-in 40G optical port
  • SCPI-based remote control and scripting commands
  • OTN testing for OTU3 client interfaces
  • SDH/SONET testing for STM-256/OC-768 client interfaces
  • Single BERT
  • Optical power and frequency measurement
  • Service Disruption and APS measurements
  • Round trip delay measurements
  • Path trace and pointer generation and analysis
  • Overhead monitoring and byte decoding
  • Tandem Connection Monitoring
  • OTU2 with SDH/SONET payloads
  • SDH/SONET mapping down to VC12/VT2 and VC11/VT1.5
  • Transmit frequency offset
  • SDH/SONET Payload through and monitoring modes