Fiber Inspection and Live Identification



The DI-1000MPO has been designed and optimized for inspecting MTP/MPO multi-fiber connectors. The fiberscope does retain full compatibility with existing DI-1000 series 2 tips making it suitable for both single and multi-fiber applications. The X/Y scanning knobs and manual focus wheel are conveniently located on the microscope body providing simple and efficient handheld control. The fiberscope interfaces with selected VeEX testers, Windows PCs and Mobile devices via USB cable. The host platform equipped with Fiberizer™ software application enables viewing and Pass/Fail analysis.

FX45/48 Series

Optical Power Meter (OPM)
Optical Light Source (OLS)
Optical Loss Test Set (OLTS)


The affordable VS-500 digital fiber inspection microscope features a single-finger focusing knob, brightness control and a digital sensor with detectable resolution to 0.5 μm, providing excellent image viewing and analysis. A variety of tips for industry standard connector types is available.


Pen Style Visual Fault Locator


Live Fiber Identifier


Fiber Optics Connector Inspection Scope. The ergonomically designed DI-1000 connects directly to VeEX test sets through its USB 2.0 port. The DI-1000 features an easy single-finger focusing knob, comprehensive list of tips and digital image sensor and optics with detectable resolution to 0.5 μm.